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    1. Project:

      一站式服務 您信賴的選擇
      Security Service

      Pre sale

      According to the requirements of Party A, formulate detailed design and installation drawings, and discuss with Party A in depth

      In sale

      Arrange the designer to join in the installation to ensure the correctness, standardization and rationality of the installation

      Customer service

      The company promises that the warranty period of the products is 24 months after the opening and operation, with lifelong maintenance

      Tel: 0513-87376899

      Respond within 2 hours after receiving the customer's call, provide solutions within 24 hours, and solve the customer's problems within 7 days

      ABOUT US

        Zhongyubo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "zhongyubo group"), a large-scale construction machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, installation and sales, is jointly established by the former Beijing Sumitomo Zhenghua machinery branch and Nantong Yubo Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhongyubo is located at the junction of national highway 204 and provincial highway 334, the key industrial town in the west of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of longevity in China. The company covers an area of 40000 square meters, with a building area of 12000 square meters. There are 160 employees, and the proportion of engineering and technical personnel is 25%. More than 50 sets of production equipment, annual production capacity of more than 5000 tons, and has a complete design and development capacity, with advanced production equipment, complete testing means, as well as modern factory buildings, international first-class numerical control equipment and a good working environment.

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        一、施工前注意事項   1.1 業主應對擦窗機操作使用人員委托專業單位進行培訓,并必須獲得市勞動局頒發的安全操作許可證,切不能讓沒有經過特別培訓的人員進入擦窗機進行作業,應讓全體操作人員充分了解擦窗機的使用要求及主要特點。   1.2 做好安全措施,防止帶入吊籃中攜帶物發生墜落。     二、設備使用前注意事項   2.1 在設備使用前,應先估計此